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INTAMI network is a solution that aims to empower Lebanese women by bringing them together and giving them the necessary tools to help them grow professionally, personally and socially

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Who we are

Intami is an initiative launched by 8 young lebanese women. It is a network that brings Lebanese women closer and gives them the tools they need to succeed. Our online platform aims at helping Lebanese women professionally, personally and socially. This project was inspired by all the amazing Lebanese women around us who need more opportunities to grow. Our experiences abroad highlighted the gap between the tools we are offered in Lebanon and those offered to women overseas. We believe there is no better way to bridge that gap than by standing together and empowering each other.

Intami - verb

Translates to “belong” in Arabic. It means to be a part of a group or an organisation

Why Intami ?

It is a small word with a huge meaning. We are constantly searching for an environment we belong to. The INTAMI network welcomes every Lebanese woman to create a community of connected members