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diary of a women-preneur — 06 Sep 2021

5 Ideas To Generate Additional Income Leveraging Your Expertise and Passion online!

The online business industry has been growing exponentially in the last decade, and is predicted to reach $325 billion dollars by 2025, while global online sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion dollars by 2022.

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women on the frontline — 23 Mar 2021


For us, everything started on October 15, 2019: The day we became frontliners. That burning flame in us was ignited by the Chouf forest fires that occurred on that same day.

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women on the frontline — 09 Feb 2021

The Relationship between Education and Women Empowerment

You have a meeting with the CEO of a tech ...

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— 09 Feb 2020

Welcome to INTAMI

The INTAMI team is thrilled to welcome you to its digital space. We invite you to explore the website and get familiar with its different ...

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