06 Sep 2021

5 Ideas To Generate Additional Income Leveraging Your Expertise and Passion online!

Diary of a women-preneur

The online business industry has been growing exponentially in the last decade, and is predicted to reach $325 billion dollars by 2025, while global online sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion dollars by 2022.

That by itself, is a good enough reason for you to step into the modern online business world, stop trading hours for income, and get started online to share and offer your expertise.

I’ll admit, before I started my online business, I was skeptical every time someone claimed they’re making HUGE income online. It just sounded too easy. But, since stepping into the world of online business myself, that belief has been replaced with another one: I can make as much income as I choose online, given the right industry, offer and strategy.

Throughout the past few years, I’ve built a thriving online business that gives me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. I get to choose what my schedule looks like, what clients to work with, and most importantly, I get to arrange my work around my life’s priorities and not the other way around. I simply started (and you can too!) with a laptop, an internet connection, and a whole lot of passion and dedication to make it work.

If you want to capitalize on this shift in the market, and use the online modern world to your advantage, I’ll show you exactly how. I work with hundreds of ambitious female entrepreneurs from all over the world inside my mentorship the Business Builder Accelerator to start and grow their businesses, and one thing I’ve realized is that while the opportunity is available for almost anyone, finding an idea to start with, is what holds most people back.

So, here are 5 ideas for you to start earning income online simply by packaging and offering what you already know, love and do.

1- Start an Online Coaching or Consulting Business

Do you have an area of expertise in your current job? Let’s say you have been working in Human Resources with a large corporation and developed a certain level of expertise leading people and developing talent. You could use that expertise to transition to, for example, a career coach, helping others map out their career path & get clear on their long-term goals.

Some HR professionals I worked with, have transitioned into leadership coaches, helping executives make the better leader and developers of talent. Maybe you’ve been working in the finance department with a large company for a couple of years. I am positive you’ve accumulated enough knowledge to provide solutions for small businesses to help them manage their finances better, or empower individuals to make better financial decisions in their life.

You would start by offering 1:1 online coaching services online to the people who need this sort of support. No matter what you do today, if you have enough knowledge in your field, you can offer online coaching easily, especially with all the available digital conferencing tools. 

This is what leveraging the power of the globalization means. It gives you the ability to start, grow and scale your business online to generate income beyond what you think is possible today by serving clients all over the world.

2-Package and offer your expertise in an Online Course

An online course can be profitable for you and transformational for your audience. If you want to change lives, share your voice, make a bigger impact in peoples’ lives and make a difference using your God-given gifts, you can deliver valuable transformative content through online courses.

So many people, from all types of professions, varying industries, expertise, and passions successfully create online courses and make great income selling them online as their main source, or as an extra source of income.

You can start small with a mini-course and build up momentum as you grow your platform – there’s no limit to how many people can purchase your course so there’s no limit to how much income you can make selling it.

The first step to creating an online course is getting clear on your idea or service. Your course would be around your area of expertise that would provide solutions & value to people, so much so, they’d be willing to pay for it.

So what could you create an online course about? The answer is basically anything! From starting a business, handling your finances, to art making, or going plant-based...any knowledge you pass on to others, can be converted into an online course!

I, myself have created online courses on different topics that help new entrepreneurs succeed online. From transitioning from their 9 to 5 jobs, to clarifying their business idea, finding their passion, to starting their online business, automating and marketing their services.

It’s up to you what your course is about, as long as you solve a problem for others and position yourself and your e-course appropriately, the right people will buy it!

Today, there are many available web hosting options out there that enable you to offer your e-course online and collect payment from clients all over the world. Whether you choose to go with an e-learning platform such as Kajabi (my preferred choice) where driving traffic and marketing your course is completely up to you and profits are solely yours to enjoy, or you decide to offer your course on an online marketplace such as UDEMY where they take care of driving traffic to your course, and share profits with you. The choice is yours!

3-Create & Sell Digital Templates

This is a great launching point for a lot of people starting out with an online business, especially if you are a graphic designer, have a good eye for design or knack for driving productivity.

Many business owners tend to outsource their design work, either because they don’t know how to create good designs, or because they’d rather spend their time doing what they are good at and outsource the rest. Buying templates to use is a great efficient Option.

You can create digital templates for online courses, for ebooks, workbooks, financial worksheets, goal setting planners, media kits, sales pages...you name it!

4-Organize & Offer Online Workshops and Retreats

If you’re thinking of offering digital products in the future, online workshops and seminars are a great way to test your material, make a quick impact, get immediate feedback, and make some moolah!!

I made $1k with my first workshop years ago ‘Instagram For Business’ (didn’t expect to do that on my first run). Workshops are a great way to learn what resonates with your market. They are concise and swift. Whether it’s a couple of hours or a couple of days, people walk away with tangible value and actionable guidance.

When deciding on a topic to teach, be super specific. Focus on a smaller niches within your expertise or industry. People trust someone who’s “been there, done that.”

5- Write & Publish E-Books

An e-book is a great way to start packaging your knowledge, views and expertise on a certain topic. E-books are simply books that are sold and downloaded online.

You can write them based on your area of expertise, or on a passion you like to explore. Examples of creative e-books are self-help books, travel guides, how-to manuals, romance, science fiction... just about any subject is fair game as long as there is a market for it.

One of the best ways to check for good topics to write about, is to scan the bestseller list on Amazon. Dive into categories and subcategories to get a clearer view of what has made it to the top.

With an e-book, you won’t have to rely on an editor or a publisher telling you whether a book will be published. And you won’t have to rely on a bookstore to put your book on its shelves. You’re in complete control of the entire process. You could handle everything yourself, including marketing your ebook and selling it, which means you get to keep all the profits!!

You don’t have to start with a full blown novel. Use what you know. If you are an operations gal, maybe an e-book on how to set up SOP (standard operation practices in your business) or how to create new habits and work more productively...

I hope these 5 ideas provide you with the inspiration you need to follow your heart, leverage your expertise and turn that dream business to reality.

No matter which idea you decide to move forward, I have 2 ways to help you get started:

1- Download this free guide ‘3 Essential Steps to Monetise Your Expertise and Build a Thriving Business Online’.

2- Register for our free workshop ‘From Idea to Business’ happening on September 8. Check out the details and sign up here (Karen please add link)

I’d love to hear from you and learn about the magic you want to share with the world. Connect with me on your favourite social media platform and send me a quick note to get in touch.

Hala Chibani

About Hala

Hala Chibani, is an award winning leadership expert, business coach, online growth strategist and founder of Next Level Entrepreneurs. Hala empowers high achieving women to pivot online, start and grow their impact-driven business successfully.

As a first generation immigrant, Hala’s mission is to empower minority women & immigrants in business to design and live their best life, through entrepreneurship.

Her signature program ‘The Business Builder Accelerator’ has empowered women to build thriving businesses within their first year, make a massive impact, grow effortlessly online, and enjoy the freedoms that came with being their own boss.

Corporate leaders and early-stage entrepreneurs invest in working with Hala and Next Level Entrepreneurs to reach their next level of growth, create a life they wholeheartedly love, and attain the balance and fulfillment they crave today.

Previously, Hala held various leadership roles with fortune 50 corporations, ranging from the Middle East to North America, where she received a number of business and leadership awards for top business and team results achieved. 

Hala’s work has been featured in publications like Medium and Thrive Global. Hala has been tapped to appear on ‘The Faith-Filled Entrepreneur’ podcast, ‘Launch It Girl’ podcast, ‘Fearless & Successful’ podcast, ‘Pass It On’ show, and many more.

When she’s not advocating for gender equality, bringing visions to life, coaching and mentoring leaders, Hala is touring the world, indulging in culture and food with her husband and two girls.

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