09 Feb 2020

Welcome to INTAMI

The INTAMI team is thrilled to welcome you to its digital space. We invite you to explore the website and get familiar with the different its features. We hope you will enjoy our network designed to connect Lebanese women in Lebanon and abroad. Our goal is to offer you new opportunities and broaden your horizon while being surrounded by other amazing and inspiring Lebanese women.

First, let us give you a quick tour of the website. In the Members section you can look up other members of the network, contact them and let them know you appreciate them by applauding them. In the Blog section you can read the articles written by other members on different topics and leave a comment to give your opinion or ask questions. Finally, in the Women of Intami section you can watch interviews of inspiring women.

INTAMI is an initiative launched by 8 young Lebanese women, inspired by all the extraordinary women around us. It is a network that brings Lebanese women closer and gives them the tools they need to succeed in everything they do professionally, personally and socially. 

So, Ready? Set ... CONNECT !