19 Aug 2021

Idea to Business Workshop


A workshop with Hala Chibani, life & business strategist and founder of next-level entrepreneur.

About the Host:

Hala Chibani, is an award winning leadership expert, business coach, online growth strategist and founder of Next Level Entrepreneurs. Hala empowers high achieving women to pivot online, start and grow an impact-driven business successfully.

As a first generation immigrant residing in Canada, Hala’s mission is to empower minority women in business to gain financial freedom and live their best life, through entrepreneurship.

Her signature program ‘The Business Builder Accelerator’ has empowered women to build thriving businesses within their first year, make a massive impact, grow effortlessly online, and enjoy the freedoms that came with being their own boss.

Previously, Hala held various leadership roles with fortune 50 corporations, ranging from the Middle East to North America, where she received a number of business and leadership awards for top business and team results achieved.

Hala’s work has been featured in publications like Medium and Thrive Global. Hala has been tapped to appear on ‘The Faith-Filled Entrepreneur’ podcast, ‘Launch It Girl’ podcast, ‘Fearless & Successful’ podcast, ‘Pass It On’ show, and many more.

When she’s not advocating for gender equality, bringing visions to life, coaching and mentoring leaders, Hala is touring the world, indulging in culture and food with her husband and two girls.

What you will achieve:

The Ultimate Roadmap to Turn Your Expertise And Passion To A Thriving Service-Based Business Online

Learn how to:

  • - Clarify your Business idea and Craft your Business Vision so it can guide you as a north star on your new journey

  • - Identify your Superpower and the best skills to monetize

  • - Identify your Most Aligned Niche of Ideal Clients to serv

  • - Build your Platform & Establish Your Authority Online

  • - Generate qualified leads and convert client’s online consistently

  • - Leverage our 4-phase roadmap to entrepreneurship to turn your expertise into a thriving service-based business online

Workshop Syllabus:

  • 1- Welcome and Intro

  • 2- Craft your Business Vision

  • 3- Identify Your Superpower

  • 4- Identify Your Ideal Clients

  • 5- Decide on the best platform to use

  • 6- Build your online Authority

  • 7- Attract qualified leads with Opt-ins

  • 8- Convert Leads into clients

  • 9- Tools You need to succeed

  • 10- Mistakes to Avoid

  • 11- Your next 30-60 days plan

REGISTRATION LINK: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/idea-to-business-workshop-tickets-163869174111

In the meantime, get in touch with Hala and Next Level Entrepreneurs , drop a quick note to connect on social media.

Hala Chibani's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hala-chibani

Next Level Entrepreneur's Instagram Page: https://nextlevelentrepreneurs.com/